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Powers Construction is the trusted name in Brighton’s tile industry with over four decades of experience. We are an exceptional strategic tile contractor with proven credentials in tile trends. We offer a variety of quality tile installation services with a team that is certified and masters to do the job right.

We offer a premier and diverse tile line and services that include helping homeowners pick the perfect tile for their home. This construction phase true enough encompasses a crucial decision making of choosing between a remarkable array of sizes, colors, designs an infinite range of accessories, but our team of experts will always be more than ready to aid you in having the best for your homes.

We strive to deliver quality tile services that respond to today’s necessities and standards for home and commercial construction. Excellent and long-lasting customer satisfaction, along with the desire to provide effective tile solutions for the advancing needs of homeowners and entrepreneurs who dream of perfect new tile installation and replacements, remains our top priority.


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Deciding to put up the best tiles doesn’t only give your home the beauty and comfort but also the advantage of after-care. With floor tiles, homeowners can lighten their load of housing maintenance as these are easy to keep clean. Powers Construction is a trusted Ann Arbor tile company that gives stylish and great tiles perfect for your home that can withstand underfloor heating.
The quality we provide allows homeowners to enjoy incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting tile products. Even going back to history, the Romans commonly used tiles and many of these have lasted even up to this date! So imagine investing in your home with something that can last longer than you expected. The quality we provide includes serving homeowners with floor and wall tiles that will last for many years, much longer than a carpet, and require less maintenance than other types of flooring, which tends to make you do regular upkeeping.
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Give your home a high-end look and protection without breaking your budget

Cost-Effective and Durable

Give your home a high-end look and protection without breaking your budget

Powers Construction’s sincere passion for excellent service lies in providing the best tile in Ann Arbor MI that can spark one’s interest and innovation, incorporating the latest technologies and partnering with prominent subcontractors that maximize the aesthetic potentials of all raw materials used.

Moreover, here at Powers Construction, we take pride in our experienced Anne Arbor tile setter and excellent customer service personnel who stand ready to meet the challenge in giving technical and creative assistance to every homeowner and entrepreneur.

Our sustainable success in the tile setting industry of becoming the leading Ann Arbor tile company has resulted from our consistent team efforts and relentless drive to maintain a remarkable standard through the years.

Our dedicated team will guide you and walk you through your selection, purchase and delivery processes. Hiring Powers Construction assures you of quality products, exceptional service that is committed to providing safety and reliability.

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Our innate passion, interest, commitment and dedication for exceptional interior design and our great determination have led us to challenge clichés, succeeding in giving the transformation every client dream for their home. Here at Powers Construction, we aim to provide top-of-the-line tile setting in Brighton MI and impeccable service to our clients. Backed up by our large network of subcontractors who share the same value for excellence, we house a workforce of carefully selected and efficient highly skilled individuals. We have more than 4 decades of construction knowledge and experience in handling architectural and technical works. We cater end-to-end services from complete installation to having our own cutting types of equipment to provide the high standard and quality tile service of our clients.

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Choosing Tile Means Choosing Excellence

Undeniably, tiles play a significant role in interior design as it sets the look and ambiance of the house. Tiles are gradually used to foster the desired atmosphere but can also be challenging to choose from. Partnering with an award-winning tile setter in Brighton MI can be of great help as they can provide valuable advice on making the right selection. With Powers Construction, we ensure that our clients will have the best option available, supplying tiles that are extremely eco-friendly and as much as possible made with a low carbon footprint which also comes from sustainable and recycled contents.

We aim to provide the durability every home deserves. Only the use of quality tile with a long life span will be prioritized to make the project even more cost-effective. We will devote our team to making homeowners understand the advantages of using tiles for their homes.

Tile requires low maintenance, which makes it easy to take care unlike carpets which can stain, requires regular steam cleaning and a cumbersome vacuum cleaner to deal with. Tiles are hypoallergenic, unlike rugs or carpets that can possibly trap human hair, animal fur, dust and other allergens that can trigger those with allergies and even asthma. Our team of experts will ensure that your tile of preference will keep the air in your house fresher and dust-free.

Moreso, it can be of advantage for fur parents. Unlike vinyl flooring and carpets, tiles will never be a hassle for pets. It is a proven pet-friendly set for every home. With pets, it is inevitable to have housebreaking accidents and these can cause smells and stains which on the best part, tiles are impervious to most of these damages.

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If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, paying attention to your walls and flooring is an important factor to take into account. These refurbishing phases leave homeowners a huge dilemma of choosing between traditional styles and modern designs. With Powers Construction’s expertise, your floor and wall tiles can look exactly great as how you wanted them to be. Our team of master tile setters will transform any room into fresher and functional flooring.

Powers Construction is a certified, insured and licensed builder that guarantees that every service you get has passed the standards set by the tile and construction industries Our commitment revolves around providing flexible and accessible tile design solutions in the residential and commercial construction industry. We emerge through our dedication to answering the needs of homeowners to have trustworthy and reliable tile companies in Ann Arbor for their tile remodeling and other construction requirements.

Our main objective is to offer homeowners and entrepreneurs the latest tile innovation, top-of-the-line bathroom fixtures and other finishing materials that will be a perfect addition to every home and office.

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Cutting-Edge Service

Powers Construction is proud to offer a wide variety of modern, versatile and timeless tile solutions that fit whatever your style, budget or project is.

Our 40 years of construction knowledge and experience allow us to make your home flooring better and have it bring emphasis to an area you desire, whether in your comfort room or living space. In order to get the right tile for your home, hiring a trusted contractor of tile in Brighton MI should be part of your priorities.

With Powers Construction, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting exceptional floor and wall tiles than transform any plain decor into something stunning and decent. Trusted to provide quality service, our team of expert tile setters can help you find the perfect tiles to make your interior feature piece dream into a reality.

We are one of the most renowned tile companies in Ann Arbor whom you can fully trust if you’re planning to revamp your bathroom, kitchen, master’s bedrooms or other areas of your home that you feel like in need of a better flooring option. Tile setting has been one of the most considered ways to elevate the feels and looks of every home and our experts are here to give you the best tile service you deserve.

Increasingly, savvy homeowners are choosing tiles when they replace the flooring.

Offers extensive lines of tile setting to increase curb appeal

We Care About Your Home

Our services extend to genuinely giving care to each home as we stand to become one of the leading and preferred Brighton MI tile companies and providers of prime tile services across the Michigan community. We aim to sustainably delight our clients with our top-tier tile products and high-quality service that goes along with our pursuit of excellence. We forward our services through sustainable development and growth.

It is our goal that Powers Construction is the first choice in the tile setting industry. We guarantee that our team, materials and services meet the global construction standards.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is best expressed in our tagline “Your licensed and insured contractor for all your project needs.”

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