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For every home and business structure, a garage construction project is not only practical but also considered highly essential. With global standards and reports, a garage is also known to raise the value of your house or commercial space by a whopping percentage. This is why it is very vital to ensure you find the right garage builders all the more important, as they are accountable for bringing your garage remodeling plans to reality.

Powers Construction offers a full selection of housing and commercial spaces garages that fits your needs and your budget. It is no doubt that garages are a great supplementary to any backyard space. They are perfect for storing and protecting your valuable motorbikes, cars, ATVs or bicycles, and they can secure them from the elements all year round.

Not only that, hiring the most trusted Michigan garage builders will assure that your garage can maximize it as also a storage space that can help you store your minimal construction and lawn supplies or sports equipment too. Powers Construction garages are built with quality, heavy-duty and put up to last. When our team of professionals builds your garage, we don’t just settle for the usual standards yet we want to bring you significant additional features and services that will elevate the value of your structure. Start building what’s best for your valuables, talk to our team of experts today and see what we can do for you!


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With our team of experts that help you realize your garage dreams into reality, we offer customizable look and style with other classic and modern garage-type options to best fit in with the rest of your home and commercial aesthetic garage needs. We ensure that as your top garage builders in Livingston County, your new garage will be handled by our experienced and certified skilled workers that will leave you with confidence in the quality and integrity of the construction.

We pride ourselves as one of the premier garage builders in the area. Our commitment to excellence has garnered the trust of countless homeowners and entrepreneurs who believes that we will consistently provide only the best quality service. Talk to us, let us be your reliable and highly skilled garage builder today.
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Choose the Right Builder for Your Garage Construction

Powers Construction has exceptional construction knowledge and experience with over four decades of turning every homeowner’s and entrepreneur’s garage dreams to life. Our team of professionals are well-trained to be courteous and expert individuals with fruitful years of relevant garage experience that brings the best quality result your house or commercial space deserves.

With our commitment to construct with excellence, we stand as the leading garage builders in Livingston County offering a wide range of selections for garage construction at competitive garage building and remodeling prices. Considering a garage to your home gives you the needed space for your car and other valuables. Moreover, garages help your property increase its value and curb the appeal of your home or commercial space.

As with any home and commercial space improvement project, partnering with someone that has extensive experience in building a garage should be your utmost priority.

Here at Powers Construction, our expertise can generally save you valuable time and resources. We are an experienced builder that offers our clients a more realistic and accurate estimate of the cost to build or remodel.
Our work ethics include having attention to detail, big or small as we believe that as your builder, we are responsible to take care of every detail required to deliver a professional and quality service with results to be enjoyed by homeowners for the years to come.

The Protection Your Garage Possessions Deserve

Powers Construction offers a wide variety of modern garages at the most reasonable and fair-market prices to meet the needs of every homeowner in Michigan. We have a large array of selections for clients to choose from garages that include a detached garage, framed garage, one car and two-car garages or an attached garage and more. While you could partner with any garage builders in Michigan for your garage building and renovation needs, we at Powers Construction have a solid reputation as an expert and customer-focused garage contactor.
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Serving Premier Outbuildings in Michigan

If we think about it, it isn’t just about choosing the right overall outbuildings and garage plan for your home and business structure. What we should also consider are the many options for garage types for your new garage. With Powers Construction’s focus on offering quality and customer satisfaction above all else, you can rely on us that we can create the custom garage or addition you want by completing our comprehensive analysis methodologies. Our team of professionals understands your needs and helps you bring your plans to life.

If you’re in Michigan and you are looking for service you can rely upon your garage construction project, well you have come to the right place! Powers Construction is a dynamic general contractor company that specializes in the construction and maintenance of exceptional well-built garages for homes and businesses throughout Livingston County. We offer a wide variety of high-quality, affordable garage services that include, but are not limited to garage works in general. Our team of experts is ready to serve you with free, fast, and fair estimations to help you make better-informed decisions about your home or business garage construction project.

We have decades of experience as trusted garage builders in Livingston County. The construction knowledge that we have acquired ushers us to choose only quality materials. Our services are well known to attain our client’s loyalty and our mission has always been to provide high-quality products and reliable garage services for our customers across Michigan. We handle your end-to-end garage needs from the demolition of your current garage, concrete elements to pouring additional concrete and sidewalk construction, basically our team of skilled staff can take care of everything.

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Trusting the Best Builder in the Industry

Powers Construction is a communicative builder that ensures open communication with clients is practiced for any concerns. We pride ourselves on being able to comfortably and clearly communicate with our customers as their top choice Livingston County garage builders. We highly pay the importance of making sure that both parties have a clear understanding of each other’s garage construction requirements.

We are an organized garage builder who handles every project with ease and professionalism. We never cease to provide ample information to clients on the time and cost expectations. We ensure timeliness and quality service with a dependable project schedule for your remodeling and new construction garage project.
We are proud to have offered outbuildings in Michigan with positive reviews and numerous references can testify to the quality of our garage works. Check out our “Customers’ Stories” to understand how we become the builder that surely delivers beyond expectations.
Backed by over 40 years of unmatched excellence in the garage construction industry

Top Michigan Garage Builders for Your Home and Business

Committed to providing top-notch service that goes beyond expectations without exceeding clients’ budgets, we make sure to pay close attention to our customers’ unique garage construction needs. We devote ourselves to taking the time to listen and understand what our clients have to say in order to present them with high-quality, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to their garage renovation, construction and maintenance needs.

Here at Powers Construction, we make sure that our customers’ needs always come first. We strive to provide a well-built garage and other related services that are reliable, fully functional, modern and durable.

Backed by over 40 years of unmatched excellence in the garage construction industry, Powers Construction provides residential and commercial customers with a better selection for all their home or business garage construction and maintenance needs.

Backed by over 40 years of unmatched excellence in the garage construction industry

Michigan’s Most Trusted Garage Builders

To most people, it seems easy to take garages for granted. Aside from it gives the impression as unnecessary parts of buildings or residential structures, it doesn’t appear to require as much thought or maintenance as other rooms and spaces. But nevertheless, a well-designed and thoughtfully built garage can supplement a considerable amount of aesthetic worth and market value to any residential or commercial sector.

Powers Construction is a fully accredited, insured and licensed contractor in Michigan that offers more construction-related services beyond custom garages and maintenance.
We provide protection of the house from soil erosion we bring forth professionals that turn a heavily sloped property into a usable space with our exceptional garage construction service.

Our years of experience are proven to build premier walls of concrete or wood that give properties protection against harmful elements and our team of experts knows how to efficiently align with unique lot shape or existing construction.

We ensure that your new garage projects are attended quickly, effectively and efficiently with professional teams dedicated to remodel outdated garages and other structures that are in the way to attaining a quality construction.

For residential and commercial customers, Powers Construction goes above and beyond service expectations more than any other garage builder or concrete contractor in Michigan. Don’t hesitate to talk to us for a free consultation and estimate for your garage needs.

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