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No matter what the rest of your house looks like, Powers Construction has the experience to lay out a plan that can fit your desired home setting. With the knowledge and expertise of our exceptional professionals, we are prepared and ready to build the home of your dreams. Our services go beyond mere walls and floorings, but what we densely offer is the comfort our works provide to homeowners and entrepreneurs. We aim to deliver an effective and efficient space livable and enjoyable like how every home should be in a longer span. Our goal is to provide decent living spaces to our fellow homeowners and entrepreneurs in Howell, Michigan.

We have gained the trust and confidence of our customers and started getting more projects of new construction homes in Howell MI. Here at Powers construction, even during our humble beginnings, we have already set a culture of excellence in terms of work and craftsmanship.


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Our team of professionals ensures that every project is done with excellence and with utmost attention to detail and overall supervision for each project. We have partnered with reliable and prominent subcontractors composed of highly skilled engineers, designers and architects who are also considered as one of the industry’s best.

We devote our services to providing superior remodeling services and new construction in Howell MI that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

At Powers Construction, we understand that building a decent home is one of the most vital emotional and financial investments our customers take a step forward on in their lives. We acknowledge this on every level and are committed to helping each of our homeowner customers turn their plans into reality. We have a dedicated team of professionals to handle the selection of materials, systems and methods with integrity and excellence in mind and in practice. We aim to deliver high-class quality homes at Howell, Michigan at a reasonable cost.
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We live to become the most trusted Howell builders.

We Plan According To Your Unique Home Building Needs

Here at Powers Construction, we build long-term relationships with our customers by delivering exceptional home build and renovation projects. We believe in handling our clients with respect, honesty and professionalism as it would help us grow, together with our team of experts, through dedication, commitment and excellence.

Our team of experts is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who make sure that we sustain our standing as one of the top home builders in Michigan. We observe the legalities of all our construction projects and ensure that our methodologies are compliant and adhere to the building code and required structural integrity. Our management will always be available to help facilitate and monitor day to day progress of our projects to guarantee timely accomplishments.

Powers Construction has a large network of subcontractors and a group of professional engineers, architects and foreman who have extensive experience and training in building and constructing residential, commercial, corporate and industrial projects. We live to become the most trusted Howell builders who transform the basic ideas of our customers into a reality with an intention of meeting and surpassing the basic standards for quality, functionality, budget, comfort and durability.

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With Powers Construction you get a worry-free home construction experience from the estimation brief up to the delivery of the project completion. Deal with a well-trained group of professionals whose goal is to make your home construction and remodeling process not only enjoyable but also easy to grasp and understand. We ensure that budgets and schedules are always presented upfront and customers’ options and potential risks are openly discussed through our the entire construction phases.
premier service at the best reasonable price.

Top Home Builders in Michigan

Here at Powers Construction, we ensure that every homeowner and entrepreneur we are working with receives excellent services in both design and construction as well as the fair-market cost is kept and timeliness is deemed prioritized.

Whether you are dreaming and planning for an elegant and luxurious residential house construction or you want to turn your typical residential house into a more decent one, you need to partner with Howell builders that are specialized in these types of construction and remodeling projects. Powers Construction is a reputable builder of new construction homes in Howell MI that offers exceptional services and provides access to experts in the appropriate fields. If you hire a home builder that specializes in turning your residential house into a reality of your dream construction, you will be able to get the best and beyond satisfactory quality service. Partnering with POWERS CONSTRUCTION means you also work with knowledgeable construction and development project manager who will work for hand in hand with a team of experts.

With this, we assure you that you are getting the premier service at the best reasonable price. With Powers Construction, you have the benefit of the team’s individual and collective expertise of over four decades in craftsmanship and in services. These include backgrounds in planning, project consultancy, home renovation and even post-construction care.

With the expertise of our team, we provide a reliable and trusted excellent new construction in Howell MI suitable for your needs. We pay attention and consider exactly what our customers truly want and need to determine their particular desires.

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Why Build Your Home With Powers Construction

Our core team consists of the utmost qualified and skilled professionals with over 40 years of attained construction knowledge with a full experience in various aspects of the construction and development industries. We have witnessed phenomenal success within the short time frame of our establishment as top home builders in Michigan. With the help of our subcontractors’ skilled workers, we able to execute perfect examples of the right and efficient blend of professionalism and commitment. Our partners and suppliers have all made notable contributions in building exceptional new construction homes in Brighton MI.

Maximizing our experience, success and expertise in the industry, Powers Construction has formed a unique and dedicated project management team, committed to fulfilling our clients’ top-notch and premier construction and development requirements with the highest quality of home building services. 

We are established to aid you in building your dream home in an orderly manner that will exceed your expectations. We have been providing quality services to new construction homes in Brighton MI for several years. For the last 40 years, we were able to attain essential home construction knowledge needed to deliver beyond satisfactory results.
proven to turn your interiors into the personal haven that you and your family deserve.

Trust Your Home Only with The Experts

When a unique requirement needs experience builders for specific new homes in Howell MI, our professionals will be able to devote their know-how and resources to cope up and correspond to the complexities in order to bring the project successfully in a timely and efficient manner. Having access to Powers Construction experts makes the construction and development phases less stressful and less troublesome. Our proven effective construction methodologies enable home building projects to be accomplished at a faster rate, which saves our clients time, money and resources.

If you are planning to remodel your dining area, children’s bedroom, kitchen, living room, and comfort room or similar projects, the most significant factor in the process is to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With us, our well-trained professionals will make it a more pleasant construction experience for you and your loved ones.

Regardless of how simple or complex your construction and development project is, you should hire top home builders in Michigan like Powers Construction. Our experience of working in both small and large residential house construction and remodeling assures we can deliver and bring your home dreams into life.At Powers Construction, we specialized in luxury residential houses construction, renovation and development project, and can assure to offer you the best of both worlds.

We offer customized design with our inbuilt technology system ready for natural calamities, seasonal climate challenges and high fire resistance. Talk to us and start giving your residential houses the care and construction it deserves. At Powers Construction, we are able to work on a variety of projects of new homes in Howell MI no matter how big or small it is, we dedicate our team to deliver a high-class, luxurious and decent touch.

Powers Construction, a general contractor specialized in residential homes and commercial establishments working closely with highly skilled home builders and subcontractors with exceptional builders in Brighton MI all dedicated to building our clients’ dream homes and business structures.


Undeniably, large or small houses can be extremely costly to build especially if it has a lot of arched windows,  unnecessary outdoor spaces and irrelevant uneven patterns. That’s why every client should be aware that building their dream homes requires utmost expertise to avoid costly and inefficient construction. With Powers Construction, we provide full estimation in cost planning in order to control, narrow and polish our client’s expenses and expectations. Together with our team of professionals, we developed the capability to improve the quality of our ways in building new construction homes in Brighton MI and perform better results for every project.

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