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As far as every home and commercial space painting is concerned, those who decide to go the DIY route soon find themselves dissatisfied and frustrated. Whether it is just a portion of your ceiling, walls or your entire house, residential painting in Ann Arbor MI is definitely far from being the easiest and most entertaining task there is. But, with Powers Construction, we can make it easier, effective and efficient than ever.

We believe that painting your home’s interior doesn’t only dramatically enhance its cozy environment but also provides positive effects. As one of your trusted Ann Arbor painting contractors, we ensure to give your home or office the protection it needs and deserves from the different harmful elements. Our team of professionals will not only do the job as it is, as part of our values is to bring forth our trademark of leaving a fresh and more modern upgrade to every household and business.


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If you’re having confusion and struggles to decide on a specific color, our team of painting experts will be more than happy to help you out. Powers Construction’s consultants of Interior painting in Ann Arborpaint considers the surrounding landscape while offering you the quality painting service that can help accentuate the finest assets of your home.
One of our primary goals is to provide superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service that our clients can always count on. It has been our best practice to ensure that our team will work hand in hand with you on every step of the way and every detail because it is our prime duty to give you the best services you expect for interior painting in Ann Arbor MI.
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we take great pride in our successful painting projects and fully satisfied customers.

Choose Quality Service for Your a2 Painting Projects

Our #1 priority is to provide high-quality and customer service to our clients. With over four decades of knowledge and experience, we take great pride in our successful painting projects and fully satisfied customers. We are the leading a2 painting company and we are pleased to bring in our records of providing the highest quality customer service and painting works.

Our team of expert a2 painters is committed and dedicated to sustaining the highest standards to give you the best results. Here at Powers Construction, we create custom a2 paintings of our customers as Royalty as we never settle for less. Over the last couple of years, our team has created countless wonderful paintings which have led to countless customers’ smiles. Our dedication goes to turning your painting plans into a stunning reality.

You may think that quality a2 painting for your home and commercial spaces can be an extremely complex task, but with Powers Construction as the prime a2 painting company, you can set aside your worries away. Our skillful and talented craftsmen are here to simplify your needs and make sure to deliver the best results without letting you lift a finger. With our experts’ ability to pay full attention to every detail, your painting needs will be handled with utmost patience and skills and give you nothing but the best a2 painting result.

One of the Best Ann Arbor Painting Contractors

It has been known that painting remains to be one of the least expensive ways to revamp your home and commercial spaces as it gives them an entirely new and fresh look. But having the painting works done right is another story. For best results, your house and business need top-of-the-line Ann Arbor painting contractors. Powers Construction offers master painters that will not only serve you the good painting ideas but actually do exceptional painting services as well. Our experts will help you add a new sense of style to your rooms and other spaces and give them more personality than ever before.
We’re proven to give the best care your home and commercial spaces deserve.

Leading Contractor for Interior Painting in Ann Arbor MI

Powers Construction offers homeowners and entrepreneurs quality residential painting in Ann Arbor that we are sure the clients will be proud of. When you think the time comes that you need to paint your home, you need someone who can do the job right and on time while not giving you a bang on your buck. With confidence, our master painters can say that we can achieve what you need.

If you are searching for the best paints for your home, office or commercial spaces, we highly encourage you never to tackle any painting project alone. Talk to us first to know how Powers Construction can help you save time and frustrations in getting the quality painting you deserve. Our professionals will make you understand how we can make a huge difference in your painting projects. Save the stress and hassle of looking as with our expertise and professional help, we can proudly say we are the most familiar and experienced in interior painting in Ann Arbor. We’re proven to give the best care your home and commercial spaces deserve. 

We fill in the nuisance of moving furniture and taping windows as our team is fully focused to answer your painting needs from end to end. Painting your ceilings and walls will generally take up several hours, but working with reliable painters in Brighton MI like us can ensure that your painting projects will be finished at the soonest time possible. We understand all too well that you are having busy days, and painting your spaces cannot easily fit into your day-to-day activities. This is why our team of expert painters is here to fully take the burden off your shoulders. 

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Why Partner With Powers Construction

Like any other services, it is not advisable to just settle for any contractor to take care of your interior or exterior painting needs. Powers Construction is proud to be your number one choice when it comes to quality interior painting in Ann Arbor MI.

As homeowners and entrepreneurs, we highly encourage you to never settle for anything less. We are composed of professional painters who handle your painting requirements. We genuinely understand all your needs and only recommend the most suitable painting services for your home and business.

With our decades of experience, we know the hassle of disruption these painting projects bring to you or your business. We are a knowledgeable and skilled residential painting contractor that knows how extremely important communication every step of the plan. We build trust with our clients by keeping them well informed regarding new developments, progress and provides a clear picture of our work.
We have a large network of subcontractors that houses only the experts and most reliable professionals. We understand that your house is a definition of your family. Thus, it is highly imperative that anyone who gets inside your personal spaces is completely trustworthy. Powers Construction conducts a thorough background check of our painters to guarantee that you, your family, and other welcomed guests are always secure in your own premises.
proven to turn your interiors into the personal haven that you and your family deserve.

Your Painting Needs Is Our Expertise

Other than choosing what interior house paint color is ideally perfect for your home, another way to get the entire painting job done right the first time is to get experienced and expert professionals.
Powers Construction’s skillful team is proven to turn your interiors into the personal haven that you and your family deserve. We understand and know how valuable a clean, new fresh coat of paint is to your home. So it’s highly essential to get your painting projects done right the first time. When aiming for what’s the best for your residential painting projects, you can rely on Powers Construction to fill the color of your personal space.

We work and bring protection to your home with durable and trusted paint that is weatherproof and fade resistant. We consider ourselves limitless as we also paint most surfaces such as siding, walls, roof wood siding, decks and ceilings. Our exceptional team is composed of professionals and master painters who are all insured and licensed to give you the ultimate peace of mind you deserve. Not only that, on all of our projects, we ensure that we only use the highest quality of paint products.

Serving premier painting services here in Ann Arbor, MI, we at Powers Construction will sustainably create lasting value and dependable results to satisfy the needs of our clients.
We have been providing exceptional interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial spaces across Livingston County and Washtenaw County. We offer a full range of painting services that are effectively and efficiently designed to suit your painting needs. Our people are insured, fully trained, licensed and have extensive years of experience in various types of painting works.

Get the best for your home and choose our professional painting services to reap the best benefits for your residential property! Talk to us and get a free estimate. Reach out to our experienced and highly skilled team for professional interior painting services today and see for yourself how we can change your home for the best!

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