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Getting a remodeling contractor can indeed be intimidating. After all, it seems undeniable that there are as many choices out there as there are failure stories. But the question is, would you risk having the best you could possibly have for your home or office by hesitating on partnering with premier remodeling companies in MI?

Well, with Powers Constructions’ extensive history of quality service, we can guarantee you that your renovation plans will be best executed by our highly skilled and well-trained professionals. Our expertise and exceptional customer service will take your worries aside. We work with our clients hand-and-hand to help sort through everything and find the perfect fit for their remodeling projects.

We live to serve as your crucial allies in your quest to elevate your home or business space. Whether you’re getting ready to start a big or small remodel, our team of professionals is here to help. We specialized in organizing your remodeling plans and proven to efficiently build them to attain a successful completion. For homeowners that are looking for a notable Howell remodeling contractor, we assure you that here at Powers Construction, we serve you with experience and the ability to making your ideas to life.


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With Powers Construction, your home improvement plans will be built with quality renovation and a team of Brighton MI remodeler specialists that will keep your home or office as impressive and functional as possible. We have a wide range of scope work and skilled workers that are masters in remodeling that have the ability to handle even for house restoration. Our team’s capabilities extend to the process of bringing any old house or establishment back to its functional state.
Powers Construction will always be readily available to take care of your repairs and developments. Our team of professionals will provide a more detailed estimate to help you better understand, study and align your remodeling needs. We believe that a detailed estimate will also prevent misunderstandings in the future between the clients and us throughout the entire construction phase.
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Providing homeowners and entrepreneurs quality construction service from time to time.

Wide Range of Remodeling Services

Powers Construction has more than 40 years of experience in the remodeling industry. Our expertise extends to every aspect including bedrooms, entire house, Corporate office, businesses and other areas that need renovation works.

We are in service for over 4 decades building the dreams of our clients with honesty, competence, and discipline. If you’re planning to modify some areas of your home or business space, hiring a trusted remodeling contractor in Brighton MI will best fit your construction needs. Here at Powers Construction, we pride ourselves on our specialty in providing quality improvements to existing residential and commercial structures.

When you hire us as your home or office remodeler, you’ll not just be getting the high-quality materials but also most importantly our prime remodeling service. And this quality of service we provide will determine the quality of our finished renovation project.

We make sure to offer you convenience and comfort as we start to work on building your remodel to reality. With us, the need to hire multiple contractors to do the remodel you desire will no longer be required. Regardless of its complexity, either a simple work of exterior or interior painting or a complicated remodel such as replacing the entire pipeline, we give you the confidence of counting on Powers Construction to carry out all work from start to finish of every project. We ensure that you will have a pleasant experience throughout your whole home or office renovation project.

An honest and reliable contractor that you can trust.

Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling of homes refers to improving or making changes to the current building or structure in order to elevate its appeal and create a more livable ambiance as how every home should be. Our expertise is backed by 40 years of construction knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your remodeling preferences.
Your home deserves an unsurpassed construction service

Hire a Professional for Best Remodeling Results

Powers Construction has carved an exceptional reputation as a remodeler of the finest homes and structures in Michigan. As a renowned top Howell remodeling contractor, our clients get to experience the prime service we offer through the use of quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Specifically, our team of professionals build, extend and renovates offices, houses and other types of structures, big or small to provide the most unprecedented, modern-looking and efficient facilities matching the needs of today’s trend.

With Powers Construction, you don’t need to experience the stress and hassle of reaching out to numerous people that will supervise the construction and developments of your property. Because here, we will handle all the works for you from end to end.

More than anything, it’s always best to hire a professional remodeling contractor in Brighton MI or a builder to better help you identify what materials, how much labor, and time estimation will you need to complete your project. be appropriate. Undeniably, most home renovations turn out negative because of a lack of accurate estimations and proper management. But with Powers Construction, we will help you achieve the right budget with realistic goals, rather than just theorizing. Consider talking to us today and get a few estimates to experience how we can truly help you with your remodeling in MI needs.

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Remodeling Dreams to Reality

We aim to help our clients attain their dream homes within their reach and budget. With Powers Construction, you will get to experience the best remodeling services that meet your needs. With our extensive project portfolio, we at Powers Construction handle a huge variety of clientele with varying needs, from remodeling in Howell MI to new constructions or office space renovation and home improvement services in Brighton MI. While the majority of our customers are located in Howell, Powers Construction’s portfolio includes the build and fix of houses and offices across Livingston and Washtenaw County.

As one of Michigan home remodeling leaders, we, at Powers Construction, demonstrate a dedication to always guarantee the safety, quality, and sustainability of our projects. Additionally, Our team of professionals vows to deliver exceptional, functional, relevant and cost-effective projects. These commitments and best practices positively set us apart from industry competitors.
More than anything, we ensure customer satisfaction. Taking care of our customers and their needs is our utmost priority. We believe that dealing on each remodeling project with an emphasis on quality service promotes a long-lasting and harmoniously productive business relationship.
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Transforming the Ordinaries

Powers Construction goes beyond the expectations of homeowners and entrepreneurs by constantly creating innovative solutions and superior remodeling services.

Comprised by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of renovation, design, construction and engineering, we commit ourselves to deliver the best remodeling home improvement services in MI. To ensure that our projects are attained successfully in a timely manner, we believe in promoting a collaborative partnership and open communication between our subcontractors, our suppliers and you, our valued customer.

Our best practices and values highlight our commitment to world-class workmanship. We have highly trained skilled workers in carpentry, painting, masonry, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and other trades to deliver high-quality remodeling output.

For every project, we strive to target on-time completion and work within the budget. We treat our clients like partners and considers the projects like ours, so we understand the importance of getting quality results and sticking to deadlines. We work fast and with excellence so our residential customers can move into their improved homes as soon as possible. We ensure there are no delays to avoid or keep costs low so that our commercial customers can also stay ahead of their business competition.

Michigan’s Top-Choice Remodeling Contractor

Here at Powers Construction, we drive our works and weigh our actions to the best values we can observe to guide us towards excellence. We aim nothing but to build quality and sustainable projects for homeowners and entrepreneurs providing quality service to become the leading and trusted remodeling contractor for all construction needs. We don’t limit ourselves as we strive to foster a culture of productive and disciplined collaboration among our subcontractors, our partners, our clients and our team.

Our goal is to be your service provider of choice in helping you build your renovation dreams.
We guarantee that our services are performed with the highest level of professionalism, resiliency, honesty, integrity and fairness to upkeep stable and trusting relationships with our team, professional associates and beloved customers.

We constantly strive to build our clients their dream homes and offices through collaborative efforts of our established and world-class partners’ abilities. With our wide array of safety performance records, timeliness and quality service, we assure you that we can handle how complex your renovation requirements may be.

If you wish to bring your conceptualized remodeling plans to life – be it your dream office space, or desired home design, Powers Construction is here for you to help you build them all.

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