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Every repair, replace or remodel of sidings on your home requires rational decision-making that is as vital as getting a good siding contractor to do the job right. Hiring a quality siding contractor that understands your home or businesses’ needs will have your projects get on time and is the best way to have your siding projects accomplished successfully.

With Powers Construction, your siding installations will be taken care of by competent professionals that you can trust to really get the job done right. We pride ourselves to be one of the top choices for the best siding contractors in Ann Arbor. We offer a combination of economical pricing, charismatic and superior weather siding protection is available in our wide range of siding services. Our solution provides and ensures the durability of results while simulating the natural curb appeal of sidings without requiring the need for high maintenance after-care efforts.


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We unite highly skilled professionals who are committed and dedicated to transforming the exterior of our customers’ homes. With our over 40 years of construction knowledge and service, we have gathered relevant experience identifying the best types and styles of siding helpful to deliver and meet our clients’ siding needs. Transparency, open communication and hard work are what our clients will be receiving from us as their trusted siding contractor in Ann Arbor MI and when allowing us to take care of their siding projects. We aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction and trust that every house will be in good hands with our competent and skilled team. Take a peek at our customers’ stories and reviews to see first-hand what our clients say about us.
Your home and other structural properties are some of your most possessed investments. And as with any other kind of investment, you as someone who put a high value on it wouldn’t want to take it for granted. In all cases, you would definitely want to take good care of it before it gets too late. Upkeeping and maintaining your home can help preserve its value which is essential when you decide to sell it in the future.
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Siding that Elevates Home Value

Ensuring your home’s protection from further damages is the same as looking after your family and attending to any of their flaws. As a homeowner, it is your mere responsibility to update, develop and maintain your house’s needs along with its foundation and all other necessary building contents within it. To give the security from harmful elements your home deserves, you need to give credits to siding installations. Siding does nothing but good for your home. It helps give protection from extreme heat, snow, wind, rain and any other strong weather elements. A well-installed siding can safeguard the interior of your precious home from the exhausting summer and cold weather outside.

With Powers Construction, you get a team of experienced contractors of siding in Ann Arbor. We provide homeowners with beautiful and durable siding installations as it is one of the most practical ways to add value and take care of a home. Even in most cases, real estate agents would often recommend updating the siding before putting any property on the market as it adds curb appeal and totally revitalizes every property’s exterior. Our team of highly-trained crews will install high-quality and durable siding materials that are proven to provide the protection and functionality that can last for decades without fading or damaging its serviceability.

Choose the Right Siding Contractor

When searching for quality siding contractors in Ann Arbor, MI, homeowners unhesitantly choose Powers Construction. They know they can trust in the quality of our services, the effectiveness of our siding installation and the top-notch performance of our customer-focused team of siding professionals.

With this, we pride ourselves to have become one of the leading siding contractors in Ann Arbor MI. We offer only the premier siding materials of the industry that assures homeowners that their houses will look their best and be protected from harmful elements and strong weather conditions.

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The Protection Your Home Deserves

Powers construction has been transforming the exteriors of houses and provides quality installation of siding in Ann Arbor MI. For more than four decades we have completed several successful siding projects. Our team of professionals performs siding installation, replacement and maintenance projects with premier quality materials and services from prominent subcontractors and manufacturers. Our devotion to excellence, efficiency and effectiveness ushers us to deliver the best quality siding service. We commit ourselves to give every house a fresher look with our siding installations. Our highly skilled professionals always keep cleanliness at all projects and exert mastery of craftsmanship in exterior renovation to attain better quality siding results.

There are many available siding options on the market but with Powers Construction, you will not only be getting the materials as is, but we aid you in you deciding which items and type of service are best suited for your lovely home. We familiarized ourselves with global trends of exterior renovation and strive to acquire first-hand knowledge of the pros and cons that come with different classifications of siding.

We do our best to make our clients understand these types of siding so they can better pick and narrow their siding preferences. There are easier sidings to maintain, while others go with the benefits of fire resistance built and escalated durability. Some sidings even have better insulation and moisture control and these are then classifications we want to bring forth to homeowners to help them prioritize align into their needs.

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Siding With Pursuit to Excellence

Hiring Powers Constructors would get rid of your hassles on identifying what’s best for your projects as we give our full assistance and most efficient approach for your requirement. There are siding materials that are better suited for certain house styles and climates the reason why it is immensely important to partner with a siding contractor that can really help you with what you really need. With our highly skilled staff, we help you make the right choice for your home that requires taking a careful look at other factors, such as types of finishes used, quality of materials used and a lot more.

Despite the fact that a lot of information here and there are available for homeowners for their siding needs, oftentimes they still get overwhelmed with the broad selection laid in front of them and basically don’t always have the luxury of time to thoroughly assess which is best for their homes. With Powers Construction, we help to minimize if not abolishing confusion as our expertise extends to residential siding services that are designed to fulfill all of our clients’ needs from end to end. 

We work with only the most reliable and high-quality materials aided by top-notch siding subcontractors that will help us execute siding projects efficiently. We have a well-trained and qualified team that is trusted by many to install siding requirements with unmatched attention to detail. During estimations, we ensure we are ready to effectively communicate and make you understand your questions that you may have in mind and help you choose the materials and siding services that will maintain your home’s good insulation, protection and curb appeal that you wish within your budget range.

Ann Arbor’s Best Siding Contractor

Powers Construction is a fully insured, licensed and bonded locally owned and operated company, providing high quality and efficient siding maintenance and installation services to the Ann Arbor, MI community. Our services are not limited to siding as we also provide roofing, painting, tile, home builders and other general construction areas. We are confident with what we know in this industry and we assure you we can help you feel more confident also about your project. Our team of professionals is trained to deliver with utmost commitment and dedication to keeping the worksite of siding projects polished and directed towards attaining total client satisfaction. As a homeowner, all you actually need to do is to look for a reliable contractor like Powers Construction who will help you select and install new quality siding materials and services that protect your home from harmful elements and ensures to retain the value of your investment.

What You Get When You Trust Us With Your Siding Needs

Remember, the type of new siding quality materials and service you choose will completely transform your house. With Powers Construction, you get to express your creativity as we offer a wide range of style, material and color choices that will positively increase the curb appeal of your home and make you flutter more with how your house looks like every time you take a look at it. When you partner with us, we assure you that your home is in true, dedicated, capable and expert hands. Among all of those, one of the greatest advantages of allowing us to provide you the protection your home deserves is that our team of experts install your siding products leaving you the comfort of easier to maintain after-care. Talk to us today and together, let’s add value and beauty to your home.

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