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Powers Construction is pleased to deliver the right aid for every home and business in their building and remodeling plans. We emerge from the fact that every process revolving around construction, involves numerous moving parts from the earliest stage to its grand unveiling. Here at Powers Construction, we make the procedures as easy and as hassle-free as possible with quality. Recognized as a top general contractor in Ann Arbor MI, we laid out confidence to our clients of how we keep things on track.

We pride ourselves in our team’s ability to overcome and conquer complexities that will minimize, if not eliminate the construction risks for every project. We’re a team of professionals that understand the gist of construction phases and experts in efficiently combining design, permit, delivery and construction schedules.

We devote our services to big and small details and will talk to you and plan the whole thing perfectly in order to make the execution of building and remodeling works as smooth as possible.

We humble ourselves as a renowned Ann Arbor MI roofing company that also aims at the compatibility of all painting, siding and deck construction services we offer. Our history entails successful planning of projects, structures, installations and renovations across Washtenaw County.


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Roofing Contractors in Ann Arbor MI

From estimates, pre-construction down to actual roof repair in Ann Arbor, your plans need a well-founded team that can take care of every aspect of coordination.

Powers Construction offers a high degree of construction and renovation on a wide range of services to efficiently fulfill Clients’ requirements. These services are strategized to be both effective and cost-efficient. We always give the best to ensure beyond satisfactory and long-term working relationships with customers.

The experience our team of professionals accumulated in roofing in the Ann Arbor MI community has provided us the expertise, know-how and knowledge that are essential to also serve excellence in each construction service that we offer.

Powers Construction handles the installation of different kinds of roofing systems. Trusted roofing contractors in Ann Arbor MI, specialized in doing actual work in building roofs that delivers the best value by placing highly skilled construction professionals on every new and remodeling project undertaken.

We bring our expertise to answer your needs of having a new roof in Ann Arbor, as we constantly embrace you and your requirements like our own. We assure our clients that every project is performed with open communication. We believe that the partnering methodology is one of our keys to attaining greater results. We ensure that this value is implemented and mutual respect with our clients will always be in place. With our goal to sustainably become the best of best Ann Arbor MI roofing company, we strive to perform with the fair and just construction practices that will provide the groundwork for our success.

Time to Get Your Exceptional New Roof in Ann Arbor with Powers Construction

We aim to fulfill the necessity of our clients to have a roof repair in Ann Arbor. One of our goals is to furnish the shelters that are in roofing needs in the community. Our combined abilities, experience, intellect and passion create an exceptional team to handle any roofing projects.

Committed to delivering a dependable and sturdy roof for every home and business, Powers Construction has been producing high-quality long-span roofing in Ann Arbor MI.

Whether it be for housing, commercial and corporate works, Powers Construction provides the most practical services for different roofing needs. All these uplift, empower and enable homeowners and entrepreneurs to enjoy their personal spaces and to prepare them for whatever tomorrow brings.
Our primary concern is the welfare and progress of our clients, subcontractors, teams, and partners. Our pursuit for excellence in bringing forth the highest roofing quality in Ann Arbor drives us to strive in all of our projects. Powers Construction strives for sustainability and leadership in the industry. We strive to become one of the best roofing contractors in Ann Arbor.

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Powers Construction has extensive experience as deck builders in Ann Arbor MI. Every functional deck designs are dependent on achieving clients’ specific needs, as it’s a masterpiece that needs to be crafted carefully. Fortunately, our team of professionals is trained well to handle your deck constructions with the highest service of quality.

If you’re looking for deck builders in Ann Arbor MI, we are pleased to offer our expertise in the niche of deck construction. Whether you’re a homeowner, solopreneur or corporate owner, we assure you that you can trust our utmost knowledge, best practices, and the highest level of service in Washtenaw County. We have met and maintained rigorous standards to reach the recognition and trust of homeowners and entrepreneurs as a prominent Ann Arbor MI general contractor. We ensure that our customers’ siding will be installed to the exact specifications that being sets forward.

Here at Powers Construction, our services are not limited as we are also a renowned siding contractor in Ann Arbor MI. Like how every successful siding project is attained, it all begins with hiring the right contractor.

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Our team of experts handles the customization of these services to attain the customers’’ needs and expectations. Our ability to provide a full-service approach to the project is what sets us apart. As a siding contractor in Ann Arbor MI that values honesty and excellence, we perform our siding tasks with a high degree of skill and professionalism that resoundingly exhibits our competence in the construction industry.

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced in the siding services that you need. Powers Construction has a consistent and stringent framework for construction and renovation works. We perform our siding projects with integrated techniques that will deliver a seamless and exceptional output. 

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Our services include giving genuine care of our clients’ resources while producing a highly commended end result that surpasses expectations.

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Residential Painting in Ann Arbor MI

We believe that your home is not just a structure with floors, walls, doors, windows and ceilings. We recognize that no house is just a plain house per se. Instead, we want to convey that every house serves as an expression of oneself, one’s personality, and character. We assure you that Partnering with Powers Construction for your interior painting in Ann Arbor is the highest quality of house painting service you can have. Our team is dedicated to helping you decide the right type of paint, the perfect colors, and omit the struggles which often come with painting projects.

Do you feel like your ceiling and walls are begging for a much-needed makeover? A fresh coat of house paint would definitely rescue you for eye-catching new colors that will make a huge difference. We come in the picture to assist you in taping, moving furniture, rearranging stuff and do the wonders of painting. One of our many expertise is to provide quality residential painting in Ann Arbor MI.

It is always a wise choice to leave your needs to the hands of professionals. Our team is backed up with decades of experience who are fully insured, licensed and with a reputation of respecting your house and know the importance of your personal and commercial space. We observe the highest industry standards which make us one of the best Ann Arbor painting contractors. We consistently fulfill the needs of our clients by offering the best painting services across Washtenaw County.

Leading provider of interior painting in Ann Arbor

Your Trusted Ann Arbor Painting Contractors

Powers Construction offers full service including interior painting in Ann Arbor MI. We are competent to handle all of your commercial and residential painting needs from the smallest to the largest paint service and we believe no job is too big or too small. We have over four decades of experience providing high-quality painting services and have grown to be one of the largest and most respected Ann Arbor painting contractors.

As the leading provider of interior painting in Ann Arbor, we know and truly understand all too well how important your home or business spaces are for you, your family, your customers, your employees, and others.

We also made ourselves aware that you don’t have the luxury of time to stress out and handle a big or small painting project all by yourself. This is exactly where our team of experts comes in to eliminate these hassles for you. We have experienced individuals and a large network of subcontractors composed of professional painters who offer top-of-the-line services of interior painting in Ann Arbor MI. Part of our extensive offers is custom-made solutions for each and every home and business needs. We envision ourselves going the extra mile all the time, to make sure that the service we render leaves a pleasant and wonderful experience from the beginning to the end of the projects. Our priority is to ensure all your needs are met.

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